Tree of Life

The so-called “Tree of Life” represents a stylized tree the basis of which is the initial “M”, from Moldova and multiple branches, each with its on meaning.

Letter M – is the breeding ground of Moldova, vertical lines represent the country roads which are to be discovered. These lines are also the branches that form a tree- ‘Tree of Life’.

Each branch ends with a symbolic element revealing the sense of the traditions and the Moldovan people’s way of life.

The rose A widely spread folklore symbol, located on the top of the tree represents the highest values of Moldovan people-love, strong family, wisdom, beauty and devotion.

The Crosses Symbol of the genuine Orthodox faith, hope and innocence.

Glasses of red and white wine Symbols of hospitality, traditions, soulful conversations and friendly traditional celebrations.

Hearts Symbols of hospitality, openness and warm-heartedness of Moldovan people.

Vegetables Elements symbolizing fertility of Moldovan land, sophistication of the agriculture and agro-industry.

Busuioc (basil) Flower, symbolizing protection and purity, true love and persistence in Moldovan tradition. This element is present in almost all important celebrations and traditions of Moldovans.

Fruit Symbolically indicates the abundance of orchards and rich harvest in Moldova.

“Discover the routes of life”, used as a slogan, urges visitors to follow the path towards new discoveries, through the hospitality, history, wine, gastronomy and Moldovan traditions.

The logo has a white and black background version, but can also be used on any other range of colors depending on the context of its use.

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